What Size Scope Rings For Ruger American

what size scope rings for ruger american

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Gun Test: Savage A17 Rimfire Rifle
Daily Caller
Thanks to then-new high-energy propellant and a modern, jacketed bullet with a good ballistic coefficient (not a misshapen hunk of lead from a previous century), the new cartridge was the first 200-yd. rimfire. Marlin and Ruger were in on the ...

Shooting Times Magazine

Ruger American Rimfire Review
Shooting Times Magazine
Each chambering is available both in a full-size, 22-inch-barreled version with a 13.75-inch length of pull (LOP) and a compact, 18-inch-barreled version with a 12.5-inch LOP. Each model comes with two interchangeable buttstock ... Unlike any other ...

The Rough-Barrel Mystery
Field and Stream (blog)
The barrel is supposed to be about 90 percent of the accuracy equation, and one of the hallmarks of any good barrel is supposed to be lands and grooves unmarked by annular rings, machining marks, scratches, pits, dings, or turbicles. Indeed, all the ...

QUWF Wildlife Banquet to be held Saturday, Oct. 10, at DAV building
Buffalo Reflex (subscription)
“Too many sportsmen like to hunt, but then put away their equipment and hope others take up the challenge to keep the habitat in good condition or save their wildlife, such as the current CWD problems in Missouri.” ... Some items featured at the ...

My New, Used Remington 870 Express
Field and Stream (blog)
Years ago, I remember reading an interview with Bill Ruger, in which he said he thought a man should be able to buy a rifle with one week's pay. I have no idea what one week's pay is these days, or if that's a .... Want a good if not great $500.00 pump ...