How To Use Leupold Boone And Crockett Reticle

how to use leupold boone and crockett reticle

on how to use leupold boone and crockett reticle

Riflescope Drop Test
Outdoor Life Magazine
For this exercise, a spotter called out a firing sequence of five shots to the shooter, who had to identify the target, range it with a laser rangefinder and use the scope's reticle to score a hit as quickly as possible. During this, we used animal ... (press release)

Leupold Optics Ideas for More Successful Hunting (press release)
TBR automatically calculates the shot angle and provides the incline-adjusted distance to the target, rather than the straight-line distance. Another example: range-estimating riflescope reticles for specific types of hunting, such as Leupold's Boone ...

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DRT: Why high shoulder shots on big game will have you shooting like a pro
Police News
Hunting season is all too brief for most of us, but the memories of big bulls and bucks bested are among our most treasured. Dropping a big game animal in his tracks (Dropped 'em Right There, or DRT), has been a very unusual thing for most of my ...

Gun Fight Friday: Remington 700 vs Kimber 8400 Montana
Field and Stream (blog)
It wears a Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x50 scope with a Boone & Crockett reticle. This rifle is light ... 700 Mountain rifle in .270 with a classic wooden stock which shoots like a house afire and has never given me a bit of trouble in 25 years or more of use ... (press release)

Mossberg .30-30 Win. Rifle Review (press release)
Other features include a dual reticle and red and blue lit reticle which is adjustable for light and color. The compact scope should work well on the Mossberg but do to the top ejection there is a problem there. The optics are very clear a feature I ...