Best Scope Rings For Cz 452

best scope rings for cz 452

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CZ-USA -> CZ 452 Special Military Training rifle

The CZ 452 actions are manufactured from steel billets, not tubing or plastic, and the ... It's literally one of the best .22s you can buy at any price--extremely accurate ... With a 4-12x40mm Redfield scope on BSA rings I'm shooting pasters at 90+ ... Customer Reviews: BSA 1 Rings, High, 11mm ...

The rings include a protective liner to prevent marring the finish of the scope. These fit well on my CZ452,and provide sufficient clearance for a 12+" scope with a 40 mm objective that extends over the iron sights and .... AND at a good price.

CZ 452 with BKL Scope Mount

BKL Scope Mount on a CZ 452 American rifle. BKL mounts fit both 3/8" and 11mm dovetails. BKL mounts will also fit on all 452 models by CZ: American, Lux, ...

CZ 452 Varmint rings - The Optics Talk Forums

I'm looking to get some advice on which rings work best. ... The first pic is my beloved CZ 452 Trainer donning a Weaver 2-7x28 Rimfire scope.