Best Scope Rings For Cz 452

best scope rings for cz 452

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Cooper's Steyr Scout Rifle Available Again
Rifle Shooter Magazine
If you want to go “full-Cooper,” Steyr still has limited numbers of the complete Jeff Cooper Commemorative Scout Package that include Leupold 2.5X 28mm Scout Scope, Galco Ching Sling, Boyt soft case, Boyt hard case, Steyr scope mounts, Art Of The Rifle ...

Practice in style with the CZ-452 Special Military Trainer
I could buy a .22LR trainer rifle built off an old Second World War rifle, but those are expensive and mounting a scope would require permanently modifying a piece of history, and that's something I simply can't abode. Thankfully, CZ-USA makes their ...

Mauser's Back with the New M12 Bolt-Action Rifle
The receiver dimensions remain essentially the same and the M12 accepts all Mauser scope mounts. The 60-degree bolt will not interfere with your glass, either. The action and safety have all been polished to operate smoothly and silently, and the bolt ...

Pest control: What to look for in a rifle
When it comes to keeping troublesome farm pests at bay it can pay to invest in a rifle. With the help of rifle maker Rupert Blackwall and BASC's Simon Clarke, James Andrews looks at the options.